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Claudia Rissardi 

Beauty Therapist 20 Years Experience


Born in Brazil, Began her career as a skin specialist 20 years ago. Where, she became proficient in hair removal services. Claudia established herself in United States soon after. Being a professional in esthetics offers different types of services such as facial services, body treatments, hair removal technologies and much more.

As time passes, Claudia concentrated her entire career on hair removal services. She observed that the skin characteristics showed different signs after the hair removal took place different times of year. So, she began to adapt her techniques and products creating a unique wax named “4 Seasons”. The 4 Seasons wax contains the most amount of adaptability when it comes to oiliness, dehydration and sensitiveness of the skin.

Today, with a well-trained team, Claudia maintains a great rapport with clients and trades experiences with professionals in other countries such as Spain, Italy, China and of course, Brazil. Keeping updated on the latest technologies of the spa industry and utilizing it in all of by Claudia Spas.