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Vegan Line

Vegan Body Oils

Vegan Body Oils


1fl oz/30ml

Seducao is an orange blossom scent which hydrate and energize you with essential oils and non GMO.

Vida is a litsea scent filled with uplifiting essential oils. This heavy sweet citrus will leave you rejuvenated throughout the day.

Doce is a Rose Geranium scent which is nontoxic and helps reduce pain, stress and inflammation. Geranium oil improves the appearance of skin and treats acne.

Vegan Face Serum

Vegan Face Serum


1fl oz/30ml

Formulated with high quality plant oils to nourish your skin.

Face Serum Doce is anti-aging and antioxidant. Apply after washing your face before make up.

Face Serum Seducao will leave your skin moisturized throughout the day. Apply after washing your face as a daily moisturizer under your make up.

Face Serum Vida is anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. Apply after washing your face before make up.

Vegan Salt Soap

Himalayan Salt Soap



Refresh your skin with vegan soap. This rose geranium scent is perfect for dry and mature skin. Orange blossom scent will nourish all skin types. This uplifting, sweet citrus scent will refresh your skin for the entire day.