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Facial Line

Purifying Cleanser | Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia

Purifying Cleanser



This cleanser gently exfoliates the skin while removing impurities and excess sebum to reveal a smoother, clearer and more vibrant complexion. Moisten the skin with warm water, lather the cleanser in hands and massage gently on face and neck. Rinse well.

Facial Scrub | Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia

Multi-Perfecting Facial Scrub


2 oz

Apply a dime-sized amount to a clean, damp face. Massage gently in circular motions adding additional water as needed. Do not rub harshly. Rinse well and for best results, use once a week.

Anti-Oxidant Serum | Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia

Anti-Oxidant Serum



This serum works to prevent free radicals damage to cells, both inside and out, while reducing the visible signs of aging for a healthier complexion.

Replenish Hydrating Mist | Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia

Replenish Hydrating Mist



This mist moisturizes and hydrates skin throughout the day. Ideal for all types of skin. Mist on skin after cleansing and as many times needed throughout the day.

Retinol Treatment | Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia

Retinol 0.5 Treatment Cream



This advanced retinol complex combining 0.5 retinol with soothing hydrators and powerful moisturizes, restores life to environmentally damaged skin, and helps to reduce signs of premature aging by improving skin texture and tone. Apply a small amount of cream to face and massage gently. Use caution when combining with exfoliating products, consult your skin specialists.